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Dixon Bate Trailer Products

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  • Towbar Universal Coupling - Dixon Bate: 3.5 Ton Spare Pin

    Dixon Bate Universal Coupling - 25mm dia Spare Pin use with Part No. TJ658. Comes complete with retaining clip and chain.

    Ref: TJ553
    Brand: Dixon Bate
  • Towbar Universal Coupling - Dixon Bate: 3500kg

    Universal 50mm towing coupling approved to EC standards. 50mm ball and 25mm dia pin. Supplied with retaining clip and chain.

    Compatible with British Standards Eye 30/40/50. Max load 3500kg, D Value 17.5KN, S Value 250kg.

    Ref: TJ658
    Brand: Dixon Bate
  • TB 3350 Dixon Bate Adjustable 100mm

    Dixon Bate universal adjustable height coupling provides 100mm of adjustment in 50mm increments. The slider has 4 pre-drilled holes to accept towing couplings with either 2 or 4 bolt fixings. The slider is secured in place by a 19mm diameter steel pin and R clip. See Spec. for fitting dimensions. Colour Black.

    Ref: TB 3350
    Brand: Dixon Bate