Indespension Trailer Products

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  • WB 7073 5/8 ins UNF Stud

    Wheel stud 5/8 ins UNF, often used on older brake drums when using 16 ins wheels. (Fits Watford Axles hubs)

    Ref: WB7073
    Brand: Indespension
  • GC 9033 Indespension Brg Saver Dust Cap

    Dust cap to suit Indespension bearing savers, made of soft black plastic they give protection from road dirt etc. Sold individually.

    Ref: GC9033
    Brand: Indespension
  • GC 9014 Indespension Grease Cap

    Indespension grease cap, fits all Indespension hub and brake drums, internal fitting 50 mm diameter.

    Ref: GC9014
    Brand: Indespension