SAS Products Wheel Clamps

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  • SD 3882 Replacement Lock

    Replacement lock and keys for SAS Wheel Clamp SD 3800.

    Ref: SD3882
    Brand: SAS Products
  • SD 3800 SAS Wheel Clamp

    SAS Universal wheel clamp, securely clamps around the wheel and locates on to a wheel nut. Wheel trims need to be removed before fitting. An easily portable clamp that comes complete with its own carrying case. Fits 10 ins to 15 ins wheel and up to 195 tyre. Insurance approved.

    Ref: SD3800
    Brand: SAS Products
  • SD 3880 SAS Trailer Clamp

    SAS Trailer Clamp fits 8 ins, 10 ins and 12 ins centrally dished wheels. Ideal for camping trailers, jet ski and boat trailers. The unique dome covers all four wheel bolts and hardened arm locks round central dish. Complete with carry case. Insurance approved.

    Ref: SD3880
    Brand: SAS Products