Coupling Locks

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  • Trailer Coupling Lock - AL-KO: 2 keys

    TLA216 fits all AL-KO Couplings with integrated keyhole.

    Ref: TLA216
    Brand: AL-KO
  • SD 3000 Albe Insert Lock

    Albe Insert lock, fits UC 5504, UC 5005 and UC 5006 Knott pressed steel coupling.

    Ref: SD3000
    Brand: Albe
  • SD 3020 Trailer Cop Coupling Lock

    Trailer Cop coupling lock, locks up inside the coupling head, suits most 50 mm couplings, complete with 2 keys.

    Ref: SD3020
    Brand: Trailer Cop
  • SD 3015 Universal Hitch Lock

    Universal trailer hitchlock suitable for most 50mm pressed steel and cast coupling heads. Supplied with 2 keys.

    Ref: SD3015
    Brand: Autow
  • SD 3550 Towing Eye Lock

    Towing Eye Lock for plant, machinery or generator trailers with towing eye size of 30mm to 40mm.

    Ref: SD3550
    Brand: SAS Products
  • SD 3051 Bulldog Minilock P6E

    Bulldog Minilock P6E can be used hitched or unhitched. Suitable for Ifor Williams P6E trailers manufactured before 2004 with a straight drawbar. DOES NOT FIT EARLY MODEL P6E FITTED WITH BRADLEY COUPLING. Quick and easy to fit with its unique high security drill and pick resistant lock. Red powder coated. Sold Secure and insurance approved.

    Ref: SD3051
    Brand: Bulldog
  • SD 3013 Alko AKS 3004 Hitch Lock

    Alko safety device, with drill proof cylinder lock. Extremely robust and attractive, visual design. Complete with Alko Safety Ball. Fits Alko AKS 3004 stabiliser.

    Ref: SD3013
    Brand: AL-KO