Sockets and Plugs

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  • TE 2032 Twin Socket Assembly

    7 Pin 'N' series and 7 pin 'S' series sockets pre-wired onto double black mounting plate, complete with cable.

    Ref: TE 2032
    Brand: Various
  • TE 2340 Anderson 175 amp Quick Connector

    Heavy Duty Anderson Plug connector, max capacity 175 amp - 600volt, these act as a plug and a socket as 1 will plug into each other.

    Ref: TE 2340
    Brand: Various
  • TE 2028 13 Pin Euro Conversion Lead

    13 Pin Euro conversion lead allows caravan with 'N' series and 'S' series leads to connect to tow vehicle which has been fitted with a 13 pin Euro socket.

    Ref: TE 2028
    Brand: Various
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