Replacement Trailer Parts

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  • GC 9008 ALKO Grease Cap 2361 Non Euro

    AL-KO grease cap, suits 2361 brake drum that has a castle nut and split-pin axle fixing, non euro axles pre 1993/4. 56mm dia.

    Ref: GC9008
    Brand: AL-KO
  • GC 9004 Avonride Cap V T

    Avonride metal grease cap, suits V & T series hubs, external fitting on hub 74 mm diameter.

    Ref: GC9004
    Brand: Knott-Avonride
  • GC 9009 ALKO Dust Cap 2361 Euro Axle

    AL-KO dust cap, suits 2361 brake drum, on Euro axle, after 1994, 66mm dia.

    Ref: GC9009
    Brand: AL-KO
  • GC 9021 BPW Grease Cap

    BPW metal grease cap, fits ECO hubs, internal fitting, 64.5 mm diameter.

    Ref: GC9021
    Brand: BPW
  • GC 9014 Indespension Grease Cap

    Indespension grease cap, fits all Indespension hub and brake drums, internal fitting 50 mm diameter.

    Ref: GC9014
    Brand: Indespension
  • GC 9024 Watford Axles Cap

    Watford axles metal grease cap, internal fitting, 76 mm diameter.

    Ref: GC9024
    Brand: Watford axles
  • GC 9025 Watford Axles Cap

    Watford axles metal grease cap, internal fitting, 89.0 mm diameter.

    Ref: GC9025
    Brand: Watford axles
  • Trailer Bearing Buddies: pack 2

    Autow Bearing Buddies, protect your boat trailer bearings from salt water ingresion, extending bearing life by up to 5 times. Simple to fit, easy to grease, bearing buddies fit HG505S, HG515 & HG545 hubs, per pair (2).

    Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials the wheel buddies prevent water entering the bearings by creating a differential pressure system.

    Also available in blue whilst stocks last.

    Ref: HGB01
    Brand: Peak Trailers
  • Trailer Coupling HU3 - Bradley: Reverse Stop

    Reverse stop for HU3, HU3L, H & HE Bradley couplings.

    Ref: BCS3070
    Brand: Bradley
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