Various Clamps

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  • CL 0111 Euro Clamp 34mm

    Euro clamp to suit 34 mm diameter jockey wheels, legs and support poles, this clamp allows removal of jockey wheel or leg without removing clamp. Light duty applications.

    Ref: CL0111
    Brand: Various
  • CL 0112 Euro Clamp 42 mm

    Euro clamp to suit 42 mm diameter jockey wheels and legs, allows for removal of jockey wheel without removing the clamp. Light duty applications.

    Ref: C 0112
    Brand: Various
  • CL 0120 Budget Cast Clamp 48 mm

    Heavy duty cast clamp which has internal ribbing to suit 48mm jockey wheels and legs with serrated shafts, will also clamp plain shafts.

    Ref: CL0120
    Brand: Various