Ifor Williams Trailer Products

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  • BF 7121 Ramp Spring Long

    Long ramp assister spring, used to assist when lifting and lowering ramps ect, fitted to Ifor Williams, and other makes of popular trailers. Overall length 650 mm.

    Ref: BF 7121
    Brand: Ifor Williams
  • BF 7139 Front Ramp Gas Spring

    Pressurised gas spring, fitted as standard to Ifor Williams HB401, 505, & 510 front loading ramps, complete with ball ends.

    Ref: BF 7139
    Brand: Ifor Williams
  • WT 1037 185x60 12 Wheel and Tyre

    Wheel and tyre assembly 185 x 60 R12, fitted to 5 stud on 6.5 ins pcd rim, used by Ifor Williams, Wessex. etc

    Ref: WT 1037
    Brand: Ifor Williams
  • WY 1025 Ifor Williams Wheel Cover

    WY 1025 Ifor Williams Wheel Cover

    Ref: WY 1025
    Brand: Ifor Williams
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