RB 0601 Full Beam Braked Trailer Axle: 600kg - 4x100mm pcd

Full beam rubber suspension axle with solid steel arms, Knott 160x35 auto-reverse brakes, 4 stud x M12 x 100mm pcd cast steel brake drums, to suit centre nave or dished wheels, bowden brake cables included. Capacity 600kg per axle.
RB 0601 Full Beam Braked Trailer Axle: 600kg - 4x100mm pcd
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Full-Beam Suspension Axles are extremely robust, easy to fit, yet very effective assemblies. Based on high density rubber inserts, which progressively compress as the load increases, both arms are independent giving a smooth controlled ride on most surfaces.

A long and maintenance free working life is assured with them available in black primer finish as standard, or galvanized at a small additional cost. Galvanised is ideal for boat trailer axles etc., as this quality finishing proccess gives protection against corrosion. 

Full Beam Axles are made to order, to suit each customer's precise requirements; the axles take 2/4 weeks to produce and are dispatched direct from the manufacturer. Measurements are the customer?s responsibility and no liability for any ?Faux Pas? will be accepted by us. Measure twice!

NB: Delivery surcharge may apply due to heavy & bulky item - Please call for a quote.


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