Lashing Rings

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BF 7080 Fixed Ring
Lightweight lashing ring, zinc plated with 2 fixing holes, ideal for securing loads up to 50 kg. Overall length 72 mm Ring width 26 mm, height 20 mm.
Ex Tax: £2.34
BF 7081 Articulated Ring
Lightweight articulated zinc plated lashing ring with 2 fixing holes, ideal for light loads up to 50 kg, Plate size 45 mm Ring 55 mm.
Ex Tax: £1.69
BF 7082 Lashing Ring
Medium duty galvanised lashing ring and fixing plate, 4 fixing holes, suitable up to approx 200 kg.
Ex Tax: £2.60
BF 7083 Ring on Plate
Loose ring on 4 hole fixing plate, zinc plated.
Ex Tax: £2.54
BF 7084 Flush Deck Ring
Flush deck ring, with a polypropylene base that allows the ring to lay flush inside, single bolt fixing, base dia 105 mm, SWL 350 kg.
Ex Tax: £4.34
BF 7085 Recessed Ring
Recessed flush deck ring, with forged ring and pressed steel 4 hole fixing plate, Plate 95 mm X 101 mm Depth 22 mm. A recess is required for this item to fit flush. SWL 500 kg.
Ex Tax: £3.36
BF 7086 H/D Deck Ring
Heavy duty deck ring, forged steel triangular ring rolled into a mild steel strip, can be welded or drilled and bolted. Plate size 120mm X 50mm. SWL 1000 kg (welded).
Ex Tax: £5.49
BF 7087 Ring Bolt
Loose ring on eye bolt, bolt is M10 X 90 mm long, ring is 50 mm dia.
Ex Tax: £4.04